XV International Industrial Cybersecurity Experiences Congress

Experience in the use of Blockchain and its applicability to the industrial sector

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29-30 September & 1 October, 2020

The International Industrial Cybersecurity Experiences Congress is an event organized by the Industrial Cybersecurity Center (CCI). The 15th edition of the congress was held virtually on September 29-30 and October 1 and it concentrated participants of the highest level related to the world of industrial cybersecurity.

The speakers shared their experience in critical infrastructure, cybersecurity requirements in an industrial project or communications. In addition, one of the highlighted topics of the congress was be the study of the customizable infrastructure for tracking installations and machines with cybersecurity.


Day 1

  • Experience addressing cybersecurity in a critical infrastructure operator.
  • Experiences designing secure Industrial IoT architectures.
  • Strategies supported by Mitre ICS.
  • Customizable infrastructure for tracking facilities and machines with cybersecurity.
  • Threat hunting in industrial settings.
  • Panel debate: Experiences of Cybersecurity in Industrial Digitization.
  • Workshop exclusive by invitation. Incorporating cybersecurity requirements in an industrial project.

Day 2

  • Incorporating cybersecurity in digital transformation.
  • ICS Asset Inventory: you can’t protect what you don’t know about.
  • Experience in the use of Blockchain and its applicability to the industrial sector.
  • Cybersecurity, protecting productivity.
  • Cyber risk modelling in the new era.
  • Panel debate: OT cybersecurity managers share experiences.
  • Workshop exclusive by invitation. Industrial Cybersecurity Business Case.
  • Workshop exclusive by invitation. Technological criminal offense in an industrial environment.

Day 3

  • Panel. Cybersecurity Schemes in Industrial Digitalization Systems.
  • Cybersecurity experiences in the Industrial Digitization of our clients.
  • Technological response to cybersecurity incidents.
  • Privileged Access Control in an industrial environment.
  • Cybersecurity in the world of Industrial Process Automation.
  • Social Engineering in the Internet of Everything.
  • Workshop exclusive by invitation. Applying cybersecurity in industrial digitization communications.
  • Cyber exercise exclusive by invitation. Managing a high impact cybersecurity incident in a critical industrial environment.

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