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Date: 6 October 2021, 15:30 – 17:30 CEST

Location: Online

SPHINX project is delivering a cybersecurity toolkit tailored to the needs of Healthcare sector in order to enhance the patients’ data protection. SPHINX Toolkit is going to provide an automated zero-touch device and service verification resource that will be easily adapted or embedded on existing, medical, clinical or health available infrastructures.

In this context, project partner from Hospital do Espirito Santo in Evora, Portugal (HESE), is hosting the online workshop “SPHINX4HEALTH: The SPHINX Universal Toolkit for Healthcare Organisations“, featuring keynote presentations from Konnekt-able Technologies Ltd (KT), Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU), Software Imagination and Vision (SIMAVI),  Projecto Desenvolvimento Manutenção Formação e Consultadoria Lda (PDMFC), Edgeneering Ltd (EDGE) and Polaris Medical clinic. 

The scope of the event is to present core aspects of SPHINX toolkit capabilities both in terms of proactive and reactive protection against cyberthreats that put in danger healthcare organisations’ operations. The workshop also includes presentations explaining SPHINX Toolkit deployment as well as its functional requirements.

The workshop is going to take place virtually on Wednesday, 6 October 2021 at 15:30 CEST. The context is oriented towards cybersecurity practitioners and IT experts who work on Healthcare Organisations and the participation is free of charge.


Welcome (15:30 – 15:40 CEST) – Ricardo Cabecinha of Hospital do Espirito Santo, Evora

Session 1 (15:40 – 16:10 CEST) – SPHINX Tools for Proactive Protectionchaired by Ricardo Cabecinha of Hospital do Espirito Santo, Evora

  • SPHINX DSS’s Proactive functionality by Panagiotis Panagiotidis of KT
  • SPHINX Vulnerability Assessment as a Service by Ioannis Kefaloukos of HMU

Session 2 (16:10 – 16:40 CEST) – SPHINX Tools for Reactive Protectionchaired by Ricardo Cabecinha of Hospital do Espirito Santo, Evora

  • SPHINX Data Traffic Monitoring by Radu Popescu of SIMAVI
  • SPHINX Security Information and Event Management by Stylianos Karagiannis of PDMFC

Session 3 (16:50 – 17:20 CEST) –  Added value of SPHINX within a Hospital’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure & novel serviceschaired by Marco Manso of EDGE

  • Guidelines for installing SPHINX: an end-user perspective by Stylianos Karagiannis of PDMFC
  • SPHINX functional requirements by Sergiu Marin of Polaris Medical