SPHINX presentation at the 9th VALUE APAH Conference

On Wednesday, 26 May 2021, SPHINX Consortium Members, EDGE and Hospital do Espírito Santo in Évora, took part in the 9th Value APAH Conference organised by the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators (APAH) to disseminate the project’s solution to the Healthcare Cybersecurity domain.

The event was held virtually from 25 to 28 of May, comprising more than 30 keynote speakers in 19 workshops, 10 plenary meetings and various other formats, while more than 80 hospital managers attended. The scope of the 9th Value Conference was based on building the future of healthcare within the context of turbulence caused by the Covid19 pandemic and the exponentially evolving digitalisation. The participants’ interactions elaborated on topics such as new models of healthcare delivery and respective challenges, future governing and financing approaches, raising digital awareness among healthcare personnel, mobilisation of citizens and more.

In this regard, a dedicated workshop on the upcoming funding scheme of the European Commission, Horizon Europe, was held. The workshop also addressed the current support of the Commission to research and innovation actions of Horizon 2020, which are aiming to enhance the Health Sector. Representatives from EDGE, technical partner, and Hospital of Évora, pilot implementing partner, attended the workshop to explain the project’s contribution to the privacy and integrity of patients’ data through the SPHINX Toolkit solution.


EDGE’s Director of Innovation, Marco Manso, gave a presentation regarding the scope of the project and described how the two Portuguese Consortium members are going to contribute to the development and validation of the SPHINX Toolkit prototype. In particular, he mentioned that SPHINX Toolkit is projected to enable end-users to raise the cybersecurity level of their healthIT ecosystems thus ensuring patients’ data integrity. He also elaborated on the role of EDGE as a technical partner in SPHINX’s platform components development and in the provision of the company-developed eCare Platform as a testbed and on the role of Hospital of Évora as one of the 3 pilot end-users of the project’s prototype which are going to provide part of their infrastructures to validate and assess the Toolkit in simulated cases.


The presentation aimed at showcasing the synergies by involving healthcare organisations and industrial partners to exploit EU projects and the SPHINX project was presented in detail as a success case of the EDGE-HESE partnership, going beyond clinical studies and addressing transversal organisational needs, including cybersecurity in healthcare organisations. General awareness of the SPHINX cybersecurity tools was built, highlighting the fact that it was designed specifically to service healthcare organisations and the protection of patient data.

EDGE’s presentation of the SPHINX project is available to watch on-demand on the Conference’s official Facebook page (at 35:36):