sphinx-project.eu / H2020 Synergy

The SPHINX project took the initiative to create the synergy with related EU- funded projects in the field of cybersecurity in the health sector.  

The European Commission motivated us to launch this synergy with related projects, in order to address the high need, we all have: for data and building on previous experiences.

The main target of this synergy is to identify common problems, discuss about the practices that each project prepares, and establish a joint task force.

All the projects that are members of this synergy are oriented to cybersecurity in Health sector, so it is more than useful to exchange information and observe the different methodologies and approaches and how they are implemented, so we can all develop effective practices during the lifetime of our projects.

We believe that this synergy enhances the sustainability impact of project members and adds value to Dissemination and Communication activities.

The official cycle of the SPHINX project will be completed on 2021. However, the SPHINX project will continue to update its website, social media accounts and the Synergy network for the years to come.

Below you can find a description of the Synergy, our activities as well as the ways to be part of this very active community.

This synergy strategy aims to increase the collaboration between SPHINX and relevant projects, in the field of cybersecurity in Health sector by:

  • Identifying common problems.
  • Discussing about the practices that each project prepares 
  • Establishing a joint task force for integrating the knowledge generated from each project.
  • Exchanging ideas about future policy suggestions


Participation is free, and there are no mandatory requirements for synergy members.

Benefits of Membership

  • Synergy repository access.
  • Benefit from free access to synergy workshops, webinars and one on one engagement with relevant projects to empower the sustainability of your project.
  • Engage with experts in similar projects.
  • Knowledge.


  • Have your project logo and description on all synergy material and the project website.
  • Opportunities to present and network with other similar projects at workshops.
  • All relevant projects may share through Social media the results generated 
  • Publication to relevant stakeholders through the Newsletter that SPHINX will develop to present the experience generated of the synergy projects.

If you are interested in joining the synergy, please send your name and contact details to: info@sphinx-project.eu

Synergy members

Synergy activities

Since its’ development, the Synergy on Promoting Cybersecurity in Health sector has been very active, proceeding to an exchange of information and good practices, mutual dissemination support, a set of online discussions as well as physical discussions during workshops, conferences and events. 

The result was to build a long-lasting partnership among projects funded under the same call but also a hub for projects funded by upcoming calls.