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Promoting SPHINX in Cyberwatching.eu Webinar

On Thursday, 10 December, the EU funded observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, Cyberwatching.eu hosted the webinar Security and Privacy by Design for Healthcare.

The context of the event was based on the present global situation that the Covid19 pandemic has brought to the Healthcare Sector, especially on the impact on cybersecurity of healthcare providers, and elaborated on new solutions from EU H2020 Projects to comply with GDPR, Medical Device Regulation, EU Directive 2016/1148 on essential services and COVID context. Partners from three EC-funded Research and Innovation projects, namely DEFEND, PAPAYA and Panacea, gave keynote speeches about their cutting-edge security and privacy by-design solutions under development. The audience consisted of representatives from hospitals, Medical Device manufacturers, ICT systems providers and Digital service providers to attend this webinar.

SPHINX project was invited to promote its upcoming online workshop CYBERAWARE4HEALTH, whose agenda elaborates on state of the art on policies regarding cybersecurity in Health Sector, the adequate tools and methods at the disposal of Health IT staff to ensure their organisations’ cyber resilience and the concept of SPHINX Toolkit solution in conjunction with the above topics.

ViLabs, as the dissemination and communication leader of the project, provided an overview of SPHINX identity, the envisioned solution of its Toolkit and the context of the online workshop organised by project partner, DYPE5. The webinar was a fruitful opportunity for the project to interact with three more relevant Horizon 2020 projects in the field of cybersecurity for healthcare, exchange information about the approaches on cyber awareness in healthcare organisations and invite them to its own workshop.