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Polaris Medical is part of the national network of hospitals with medical services provided within the national health system and because of it the use of integrated health insurance technologies is mandatory. Moreover, the hospital is committed to patient safety, whichever forms, and is constantly having its system improved in order to insure medical confidentiality, better communication of medical data from doctor to doctor and from doctor to patient. As to physical safety, monitoring the facility is a key element in order to comply with all legal requests.

IT elements used in day to day activities by Polaris Hospital are:

  • Integrated Information System
  • Information System for the Electronic Prescription
  • Health Insurance National Card
  • Electronic Health Record System


The pilot

What is the scope?

The Polaris Medical will provide to SPHINX project the end-user perspective to develop an improved cybersecurity toolkit which the Hospital will test in its ICT infrastructure, through several different test case scenarios.

Regarding the expected benefits:

The Polaris Medical will apply the knowledge and expertise gained through SPHINX project on a methodological level as well as in future research activities. On an operational level, the SPHINX will help Polaris Medical identifying the infrastructure critical risk and will provide a powerful tool to mitigate possible cyber attacks. Based on the activities from SPHINX, Polaris Hospital will also be able to train its staff members in dealing with crisis situations and to extend their expertise.


Where it is going to take place?

Polaris Medical, Strada Principală, Suceagu 407062, jud. Cluj, Romania


Pilot duration

September 2020 – October 2021


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If you are interested to contact the pilot leader, Polaris Hospital:

Alexandru COMAN, MD (male) is a medical doctor specialised in epidemiology and is currently the head of surveillance, prevention and control of hospital infections department within POLARIS MEDICAL, alexandru.coman@polarismedical.ro