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The Hospital do Espírito Santo (founded in 1495) is a reference hospital in the delivery of healthcare for the Alentejo region, serving more than 440.000 people with specialised medical services in the areas of maternity and paediatrics, cardiology, neurology, infecciology, nephrology, immunoallergology, rheumatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pathology, pneumology, otolaryngology, psychiatry and mental health, psychiatry, childhood and adolescence and dermatology.

Its differentiation is also reflected in the clinical and technological areas, with a strong focus on the availability of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, such as Nuclear Medicine, Hemodynamic, Digital Angiography, Magnetic Resonance and Radiation Therapy.


The pilot

What is the scope?

The Hospital do Espírito Santo (HES) will provide to SPHINX project the end-user perspective on the requirements to develop an improved cybersecurity toolkit to use with the HES’s ICT infrastructure, considering the specifics of the medical devices, health sensors and medical databases installed in and accessed by HES, as well as integration with remote care ICT systems and devices, including the homecare environment.

Overall, the expected benefits will include:

  • Reduction of the incidence of cyberattacks in HES
  • Improvement of security and privacy of highly sensitive patient data
  • Develop a secure remote monitoring dynamic system
  • Reduce the impact of intervention in patients life
  • Improve the quality of patient’s life
  • Ensure the safety of patients in their home
  • Reduce costs in Healthcare System

Where it is going to take place?

At the premises of the Hospital do Espírito Santo, R. do Valasco 31, 7000-878 Évora, Portugal


Pilot duration

September 2020 – October 2021


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If you are interested to contact the pilot leader, Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora:

Ricardo Cabecinha