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The 5th Health Regional Authority of Thessaly and Sterea is a National Organization responsible for administering all public body health organizations that operate in two large regions of Central Greece (Thessaly and Sterea). These include 13 Hospitals (1 of which is a University Hospital) in 10 major cities and 60 Primary Care – Health Centers (urban and rural areas), covering a population of 2 million people.

In SPHINX project, the Department of Informatics of 5th YPE in cooperation with the Regional University General Hospital of Larisa which are actively involved in many areas of information technology and world data analytics, will run the pilot for SPHINX project.

The pilot

What is the scope?

The 5th Health Regional Authority of Thessaly and Sterea will provide the testbed (ICT infrastructure) to integrate, install, test and validate SPHINX Cybersecurity Ecosystem, Services and Products. The Authority will contribute to the requirement analysis and specification definition of the SPINX architecture. During the several use cases, many different components and architectures will be testified.

Regarding the expected benefits:

The 5th Health Regional Authority of Thessaly and Sterea, through the adoption of SPHINX tecnology in its ICT infrastructure, envisages to protect the health data from any of the past Cyber Security incidences, from potential future Cyber Security incidences and improve its Security Policies to accommodate the needs of the end users in a secure from cyber threats ICT enviroment.

Where it is going to take place?

SPINHX will be installed at the ICT infructure of the 5th Health Regional Authority of Thessaly and Sterea which includes:

  • The National Public Administration Network, SYZEFXIS
  • The Data-Center of the University Hospital of Larissa
  • The Data-Center of the General Hospital of Volos
  • The Data-Center of DYPE5 Headquarters in Larissa
  • The Greek Ministry of Health services e-prescription and e-procurement
  • The DYPE5’s Primary Care (Health-Centers, local health teams)


What type of participants will be involved?

Multidisciplinary healthcare users and managers (administration, nurses, physicians, ICT staff, …) will be involved in the pilot. They will be trained to use and evaluate the usages and benefits (e.g. cost-effective solution, guard & secure patient records, data breaches mitigation) of SPINX technology deployment.


Pilot duration

September 2020 – October 2021

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If you are interested to contact the pilot leader:

Vaggelis Stamatiadis, CIO of 5th Regional Health Authority of Central Greece, it@dypethessaly.gr