Interactive Dashboards (ID)

Result Type

Scientific or Technological R&D Result including ICT Hardware (TRL 3-5)

Lead Developer

Software Imagination & Vision SRL (SIMAVI)

ViLabs Ltd


Interactive Dashboard, Graphic User Interface

The Interactive Dashboard is the entry point for users of the SPHINX system. The ID centralizes data from various components, displays graphs, alerts from components as well as suggestions in case of incidents.

Result Description

Interactive Dashboards (ID) is a component that centralizes and converts data (web traffic, alerts) obtained from other SPHINX components in different types of graphical representations (tables, graphs, diagrams and custom plugins) to offer IT staff a faster and more compact interpretation of the network system.

ID represents the entry point for users to the SPHINX system and it has the following features:

  • it allows the users to see at a glance the status of the IT system
  • it offers quick investigation and suggestions for problems in the IT system
  • it contains data converted into interactive graphs
  • it centralizes alerts from other components
  • it is customizable, where users can select, create or edit their own graphs and dashboards based on user permissions

Target Business Sectors / EU Policy Areas

  • Business and industry
  • Energy
  • Public health

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals