Decision Support System (DSS)

Result Type

Scientific/Technological R&D Result including ICT Hardware (TRL 5-6)

Lead Developer

Konnekt-able Technologies Ltd


Decision Support System, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Early Detection, Warning System, Response Team

The main advantages of our DSS solution is the early detection of the categories of cyber attacks Denial of Service (DoS), User to Root (U2R), Remote to Local (R2L) and Probe and the targeted response plan after an cyber attack occurs.

Result Description

The Decision Support System is an engine developed for the SPHINX Toolkit based on Docker framework making it suitable for cloud and on-premise installations.

The DSS has two Functionalities.

The Proactive functionality uses the network traffic to predict an upcoming cyber attack and notifies the user of the attack and suggests a fast reaction like blocking the attacker’s IP address. To achieve this, the solution relies on the advances of Machine Learning Algorithms.

The Active functionality suggests a targeted response plan based on attack and the combination of the information from other components.

Target Business Sectors / EU Policy Areas

  • Business and industry
  • Digital economy and society
  • Research and innovation

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals