Data Traffic Monitoring (DTM)

Result Type

Scientific or Technological R&D Result including ICT Hardware (TRL 3-5)

Lead Developer

Software Imagination & Vision SRL (SIMAVI)


Data Traffic

Data Traffic Monitoring observes all network traffic by applying signature-based detection analysis and sends traffic alerts, including information about connected idle devices or suspicious traffic activity.

Result Description

Data Traffic Monitoring (DTM) is a SPHINX component responsible for threat identification by monitoring the network traffic and applying signature-based detection analysis. It monitors all the packets traversing the network and compares them against a database of attack signatures or attributes of known malicious threats.

Data Traffic Monitoring (DTM) is an intrusion detection system (IDS) that has the following features:

  • captures traffic from multiple protocols
  • the traffic is captured by agents
  • analyses packets
  • detects unusual communication/activity according to the rules and filters defined
  • integrates with other SPHINX components by sending traffic information and alerts

Target Business Sectors / EU Policy Areas

  • Business and industry
  • Energy
  • Public health

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals