Key stakeholders of the SPHINX target audience have been grouped into the following categories:

Industry (Security and IoT)

This category includes the following Industry (Security and IoT) members:

  • Industry producing digital medical devices (e.g., medication infusion systems, pacemakers) collecting personal health details are becoming more sophisticated and connected, allowing remote visualisation and the automatic incorporation of data in personal health records;
  • Industry producing digital wearables and IoT devices, such as activity trackers, watches incorporating heart rate sensors, smart home sensors, albeit not rated as medical devices may produce data that is directly or indirectly relevant for purposes of assessing a patient’s health and wellness status
  • Industry producing communication devices and enabling devices such as tablets, phones which uphold info of patient, individual patient datagrams, patient photographs and variety of other sensitive info.
  • eHealth service providers, software development industry producing the applications that analyse health data to visualise the tracking.
  • Cyber security service providers, software development industry producing the services for cyber threads protection.
  • Cyber security practitioners, experts in the security domain from software development industry.
  • Innovative start-ups, SMEs in the health domain focusing on modern, digital critical infrastructures, and secure information systems

What does the SPHINX project offer to the Industry?

SPHINX will give you the opportunity to use the SPHINX Sandbox in order to test your medical equipment and get the detail compliant and certification report to assess if the device or service is vulnerable for misused or its attack surface is missing crucial security requirements and protects data privacy.

The SPHINX Sandbox is an open shared environment for medical equipment testing. It will be a security mechanism for separating running programs. The proposed shared environment often will be used to execute untested or untrusted programs or code, from unverified or untrusted third parties, suppliers, users or websites, without risking harm to the host machine or operating system.


Could the Industry contribute to SPHINX project?

Yes! the industry will provide valuable feedback on the current trends in different disciplines, including technology, business and data privacy. To do so, the SPHINX project will keep the community informed about the progress and will invite the entire community to events and workshops that it will organise to serve this interaction. In addition, community members will have the opportunity to provide feedback through online questionnaires.

Medical organisations

This category includes Hospitals and care centres which handle, store and exchange large amounts of sensitive patient data.

What does the SPHINX project offer to medical organisations?

The SPHINX ecosystem will armour medical organisations from any cybersecurity threat and will protect patient data privacy.  It will provide the means to medical organisations to become aware and understand the cybersecurity risks (know or unknown threats and vulnerabilities) and to take informed decisions to choose only SPHINX certified devices, affecting their cyber-physical security and privacy.


Could the Medical organisations contribute to SPHINX project?

Yes, the medical organisations at first stage will be informed about the SPHINX project concept. Then, SPHINX will continuously publish the project progress and achievements and in the meantime medical organisations will be invited by SPHINX project partners to provide with valuable feedback on user requirements and improvements to fulfil their needs. The feedback will be gathered mainly during workshop, events and online questionnaires.



This category includes the scientific community in the security and health domain from research institutes, focused mainly on physical & cybersecurity applications, middleware design, data privacy methodologies, security and events analytics activities.

What does the SPHINX project offer to the research community?

Through the extensive research of this Research and Innovation project, SPHINX will produce research articles and technical demonstrations at conferences and journals, as well as a community of interested developers and scientists.

Could the research community contribute to SPHINX project?

Yes, the research community may provide with appreciated feedback during the different stages of the project implementation, starting for the state-of-the-art definition, requirements on technical, user, social and legal level. The SPHINX will continuously publish the project progress and achievements. Any events and workshops organised by the project itself will be open to the entire community, where they will have the chance to exchange knowledge and experiences.


This category includes Policy makers and regulatory bodies, such as:

  • EU Institutions (European Commission, European Science Foundation)
  • National public authorities (medical & security committees, ministry and regional councils)
  • Standardisation Bodies
  • Civil Protection Agencies
  • Institutions, NGOs


What does the SPHINX project offer to the policy community?

SPHINX will investigate improvements and alternatives to current institutional and governance frameworks in order to improve cybersecurity awareness and stimulate the usage of the proposed solution aiming to empower patient data privacy


Could the policy community contribute to SPHINX project?

The policy community may empower SPHINX project impact in two ways. It may share strong experience on data privacy issues due to cybersecurity threats, which information may be used by the project to improve the SPHINX ecosystem specifications. At a later stage, the policy community may spread to medical organisations and industry the benefits of SPHINX project and therefore, attract more stakeholders to use the project outcomes and therefore, increase the SPHINX certified products in the market.



This category includes regular patients living in homes or hospitals and health care centers.

What does the SPHINX project offer to the society?

SPHINX will give patients the strong feeling of security that their data are invisible.  It will help patients to increase their control over their increasing numbers of IoT devices because they will be able to choose those devices available in the market which are SPHINX certified.


International networks

This category includes International networks in cybersecurity, like agencies such as ENISA, associations/ networks such as European Organisation for Security (EOS) or European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), etc.

What does the SPHINX project offer to the international networks?

Through the international networks, SPHINX may increase awareness to wide number of relevant stakeholders about the project achievements. SPHINX will seek opportunities to participate in relevant activities organised by international network. In addition, international networks will be requested to share online information published by SPHINX, through their communication channels, e.g. website or social networks.

Could the international networks contribute to SPHINX project?

International networks may support SPHINX project either by accepting and including SPHINX project inside the network of relevant stakeholders, or by providing feedback to several research stages, especially at the state-of-the-art identification. SPHINX will organise workshops to invite network communication members in this respect.


Related EU-funded projects

This category includes EU-funded cybersecurity projects.

SPHINX takes the initiative to create the synergy on exchanging information towards the collaboration for developing effective cybersecurity environments in the health sector. The main target of this synergy is to identify common problems, discuss on state-of-the-art, user needs and specifications that each project identifies, and establish a joint task force. This synergy will be comprised by projects funded by H2020 programme Digital Society, Trust & Cyber Security, E-Health, Well-being and Ageing.

We believe that this synergy, enhances the sustainability impact of project members and adds value to Dissemination and Communication activities.