CIBTC Congreso Mundial Blockchain Granada

The Fifth International Congress on Blockchain by CIBTC

V Congreso Internacional Blockchain CIBTC

5 – 6 July 2019

Granada, Spain

CIBTC is a Hispanic events coordinator focused on Bitcoin and Blockchain. CIBTC organizes a series of interactive thematic events across Spain, where pundits from industry sector and academia meet up with investors and policy-makers to discuss the state-of-the-art topics, showcase developments and enhance their network. The Spanish member of SPHINX’s Consortium, TECNALIA, participated in the summer event that took place in Granada, to present SPHINX’s cyber-security solution in a broad audience of stakeholders.

The Project was presented in a dedicated panel on technology applications in Health Sector. TECNALIA’s cyber-security researcher, Santiago de Diego, gave a keynote speech regarding the emerging interconnection between healthcare services and IoT. The audience was informed about the growing cyber-security threats which health sector is facing and, what is more, about the blockchain technological affordances  that SPHINX Project is planning to employ to mitigate such challenges.