Blockchain-based Threat Registry Platform (BBTR)

Result Type

ICT Software Digital solution (TRL 5-6)

Lead Developer



Threat Registry, Cybersecurity, Auditability, Blockchain

The proposed solution provides a unique Auditability system in order to address and confront any potential liability request by any Cyberattack suffered by an organisation or ecosystem of organisations.

Result Description

The BBTR is a tool that provides a shared registry of threats by using an Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network. It also provides a listener tool that enables the final users to subscribe to real-time events from the blockchain, allowing them to know when a new threat has been submitted. A user-friendly frontend has also been developed so final users can use a web interface to interact with the BBTR, for purposes such as auditability among others.

Target Business Sectors / EU Policy Areas

  • International Organisations (ex. OECD, FAO, UN, etc.)
  • Research and Technology Organisations

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals