Analytics Engine (AE)

Result Type

Scientific/Technological R&D Result including ICT Hardware (TRL 5-6)

Lead Developer

Konnekt-able Technologies Ltd


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Statistics, Visualisations

The main advantages of our AE solution to support the user in decision-making with the provision of multiple visualizations such as pie/line charts and bar plots and also descriptive statistics of aggregate information.

Result Description

SPHINX Analytics Engine is based on Docker framework making it suitable for cloud and on-premise installations. The Analytics engine provides the ability to monitor how many attacks identified and the attack events based on historical data for a time interval. It Provides bar plots used for the visualization of the identified event and provides all the required information to address future events.Τhe information can be used from other cybersecurity services and end-users to detect suspicious or malicious cyber activities, identify their type and do appropriate courses of action that can be used to stop the detected attacks and vulnerabilities.

Target Business Sectors / EU Policy Areas

  • Business and industry
  • Digital economy and society
  • Research and innovation

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals