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1st ECSCI (European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures) Virtual Workshop

Date: 24-25 June, 2020

Location: Online

The frist workshop of ECSCI cluster of European Horizon 2020 projects presented the different approaches on integrated (i.e. cyber and physical) security in seven different industrial sectors, such as finance, healthcare, energy, air transportcommunications, gas, and water. The peculiarities of critical infrastructure protection in each one of these sectors were discussed and addressed by the different projects of the ECSCI cluster through presenting their outcomes, discussing the technical, ethical and societal aspects and the underlying technologies.

The workshop included keynote speeches, project presentations, roundtable and panel discussions and thematic presentations. The audience comprised scientists and experts in the field of critical infrastructure protection, CISOs, CIOs, CERTs, CSIRTs, CSOs, cyber and physical security experts representing different sector and policy makers for Critical Infrastructure protection.


Day 1

  • Opening remarks by Habtamu Abie and Andrea de Candido, Head of Unit of DG HOME B4 Innovation and Industry for Security
  • Invited Talk: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: The role of ENISA in the new EU policy context by Kostantinos Moulinos from ENISA
  • DEFENDER: Energy infrastructure protection  by Gabriele Giunta of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a.
  • SAFECARE: Safeguarding critical health infrastructure by Philippe Tourron of APHM – Hôpitaux universitaires de Marseille and Isabel Praça of ISEP – Institut Superior de Engenharia do Porto
  • FINSEC: Securing critical financial infrastructure by Ernesto Troiano of GFT
  • InfraStress: Improving resilience of sensitive industrial plants & infrastructures by Lorenzo Franco Sutton of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a.
  • RESISTO: Resilience enhancement and risk control for communication infrastructures by Bruno Saccomanno of  Leonardo – Società per azioni
  • STOP-IT: Protection of critical water infrastructures by Rita Ugarelli of SINTEF
  • Thematic session 1: Physical and Cyber security integration and modelling
  • Thematic session 2: Standardization in Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Thematic session 3: Collaborative Risk Assessment
  • Panel discussion: ELSI
  • Thematic session 4: Protect Industry 4.0
  • Conclusions and Collaboration Planning of Day 1

Day 2

  • Invited talk: Moving towards a trustworthy and resilient European cyber security ecosystem by Roberto Cascella from ECSO
  • Thematic session 1: Resilience of Critical Infrastructures
  • ANASTACIA: Security and trust assessment in CPS / IOT architectures by Stefano Bianchi of AlgoWatt Spa
  • SATIE: Security of air transport infrastructure of Europe by Kelly Burke of DGSSPA
  • SecureGas: Securing the European gas network by Ilias Gkotsis of KEMEA
  • SPHINX: Cyber-security protection in healthcare IT ecosystem by Evangelos Markakis of Hellenic Mediterranean University-HMU
  • SmartResilience by Aleksandar Jovanovic and Bastien Caillard of EU-VRi
  • Thematic session 2: Automation
  • Thematic session 3: Legal and Ethical issues
  • Panel Discussion: Atrificial Intelligence
  • Thematic session 4: Predictive Analytics
  • Thematic session 5: Anomaly detection
  • Conclusions and Collaboration Planning of Day 2

For more information about SPHINX participation on the event read here.