The Regional Health Authority of Central Greece that will implement the pilot site in Greece, is a National Organisation responsible for administering all public body health organisations in two large regions of Central Greece. Continue and find more 🔍 https://t.co/GedmMQ1Ul1 https://t.co/zIqFRTyTDD
5 days ago
As a General Hospital 🏥 Hospital do Espírito Santo is one of the three #sphinx-project end user with specialised medical services in many areas and will carry out the pilot in Portugal! 🖯 Click the link and find more https://t.co/UtEt5wyDCR #sphinx-project #H2020 #cybersecurity https://t.co/bGOTkLULUL
6 days ago
We are continuing with SPHINX partners and Polaris Medical, one of the three @ProjectSphinx end user that will carry out the pilot in Romania! 📌 Polaris is a private hospital specialized in medical recovery and rehabilitation. 👉 Find out more https://t.co/ww9FiX1zky @EU_H2020 https://t.co/zaQdOIaxly
1 week ago
SPHINX takes the floor to the 1st parallel workshop session of @H2020Panacea and Evangelos Markakis from @teicrete is presenting @ProjectSphinx 👏 https://t.co/5iRiEyyFfz
3 weeks ago
📢 Today is starting the 1st END-USERS/STAKEHOLDERS WORKSHOP by @H2020Panacea! @ProjectSphinx Coordinator National Technical University @ntua & our partner @teicrete are there inaugurating SPHINX's first synergy activity with relevant projects👏 🔎https://t.co/GgvN6QaquU https://t.co/oUG6H1CZjD
3 weeks ago
We are proud to announce that on 28-29 of May @ProjectSphinx is starting its first synergy activity with relevant projects at the Workshop that PANACEA project is organising. 📍End-Users/Stakeholders Workshop 📍Rome, Italy at UCSC-Gemelli Find more:➡️ https://t.co/IPbfBLDLmM
3 weeks ago
Let's meet SPHINX industrial and technical partner Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S. A. a non profit organization developing products and services, focused on security. In the @projectsphinx will provide a secure authentication platform. 🖯 Find more https://t.co/FnORUX1wMw https://t.co/Z0fxZtzcd8
4 weeks ago
Welcoming another Sphinx partner @IntracomTelecom a global telecommunication systems & ICT solutions vendor.Intracom Telecom will participate in the technical architecture conceptualization of the @ProjectSphinx🖯Click and find more https://t.co/YSL2MEXDw5 #H2020 #CyberSecurity https://t.co/MNQfixVx9W
4 weeks ago
Next @ProjectSphinx partner is @tecnalia 🇪🇸 a private, independent, non-profit applied research center of international excellence. In the project will be responsible of the SPHINX Blockchain architecture.Learn more👉https://t.co/cxLZ00vZP8 #H2020 #cybersecurity #ePrivacy https://t.co/3Q8eRxDqA6
1 month ago
Did you know that LSTS one of the SPHINX’s partners, at the🎓Vrije Universiteit Brussel is the main organizer of the yearly Computers,Pivacy& Data Protection CPDP Conferences? 📌 More about @VUBrussel https://t.co/QcjoQpSgDW 📌 More about @CPDPconferences https://t.co/q9Wo9vfQae https://t.co/PKBRHG0PTr
1 month ago


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