Modular Architecture

SPHINX Toolkit offers a smart and robust security awareness layer, able to identify modern and advanced cyber threats. Its architecture consists of 6 building blocks that include a series of components, while it is easily deployed in existing, medical, clinical or health available infrastructures, affording users to choose from an extended number of security services.


The SPHINX users are kept informed at any time via highly comprehensive dashboards and visual analytics while being able to interact with the services and functions of the proposed solution in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Who can benefit

Pilot Cases

The SPHINX prototype technology and business framework are deployed and assessed in four Healthcare Organisations across three different European countries.

Pilot in Greece

SPHINX Toolkit pilot demonstration in University General Hospital of Larissa and in General Hospital of Volos under the supervision of the 5th Regional Health Authority of Thessaly and Sterea, Greece

Pilot in Romania

SPHINX Toolkit pilot demonstration in Polaris Medical healthcare Clinic in Romania

Pilot in Portugal

SPHINX Toolkit pilot demonstration in Hospital do Espírito Santo in Evora, Portugal

End-users Testimonials

Project Partners

SPHINX Consortium consists of 17 partners, including Universities, SMEs and Healthcare Institutions across Europe.

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